What happens if I wish to cancel with my 14 day cooling off period but have had the system installed?

We will work with you to resolve any issues you have but if you still wish to cancel you will incur reasonable costs to cover the cost of the installation and removal of the system. We will then cancel your agreement and refund you the balance of your payment 14 days after removal of the equipment.

Any queries please do not hesitate to call our head office 24 hours per day on 01902 607230.

Our reasonable costs cover the following




£0.40 per mile if not in the area

What do I do if I have a fault on my alarm?

Due to the advanced nature of the system most faults can be dealt with remotely. We will be happy to investigate any fault you may have with your equipment.

If the power goes off will my system still work?

In case of a power loss the backup battery will provide power to the security system for a minimum of 8 hours.

How do I change my keyholders?

It is simple to request a change or keyholder, either email or in writing. As all keyholders you have chosen will be contacted if the system is activated please ensure you inform your keyholders what to do in case the receive a call.

Is my alarm linked directly to the police?

We provide customers with a response via a monitoring station. Where circumstances require police and other emergency services to attend they would be contacted by the monitoring station.

Why do I have to provide the details of two keyholders for my monitored system?

We require at least two keyholders as the monitoring station will contact these people in the event of an activation. The keyholders will need to know the alarm code word you provided on your contract.

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