Monitored Alarm System

You have finally settled on a security system that mitigates the threats that your home faces. Now you must decide if it should be monitored or not. When it comes to 24-hour monitoring of residential security, people have different opinions.

Some homeowners don’t see the need to pay for a burglar alarm with tracking. They figure that the combination of environmental alarms and intrusion detection systems is enough to keep a home safe and that is true. However, monitored alarm systems offers several benefits.

Increased Safety

The most obvious motivation for getting an alarm system with monitoring is the enhanced protection that it offers your home. Regular monitoring means that when something happens, the system contacts the guard response who in turn contact the police if a genuine burglary is taking place for back up on apprehending the suspect. With such assurances, you have peace of mind, especially for a homeowner living in a high crime-rate area. You can keep valuables in your home without worrying too much about intrusion even when you are away.

Better Response

Homeowners with monitored systems tend to enjoy better response times from emergency services. If your alarm installation does not have round-the-clock monitoring, it means that when an alarm sounds, you or the security company have to call the relevant first responders. However, a monitored system will contact the authorities directly, minimising response times.

Less Stress

Self-monitoring has its advantages like being able to identify false alarms quickly. However, it also means spending time and effort keeping an eye on your domestic security, which can be quite taxing. A homeowner with a full-time job or too many roles to play in a day may not dedicate enough time for self-monitoring. A monitored security system saves you the trouble.

At Secure Home Systems, we tailor products to suit the diverse requirements of your customers. Our 24-hour alarm monitoring service ensures that your property is safe at all times. With a monitored alarm system, we guarantee that you receive the necessary assistance in emergency situations.

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