Your Needs

Highlighted below are the measures we take as an approved supplier, to ensure that the systems and services we offer are matched to our customers and governing bodies’ requirements.

When considering how we can achieve our objectives to deter, protect and assist our customers we are very much aware that you, our customers, need to feel safe and confident when choosing Secure Home Alarms.

Smaller key pad – even more user friendly

No need for constant review of manuals every time you wish to set the system and is aesthetically pleasing within your home.

Easy to use with remote set control management

Helping you easily control the functions of this sophisticated system without the worry of getting it wrong.

Remote setting for the “Night Set” mode

Based on your particular requirements certain areas of your property can be set while you sleep, whether a flat, bungalow or house. Subject to distance, we can even secure outbuildings. The remote setting means from the press of a button you can set the alarm to protect all areas that will not be used by you or your family during the night; this can also be used during the day should you have the need.

Wire-free panic button activation

This function offers more than just a panic button for notifying the monitoring station that you have intruders in your property. It can be carried with you at all times in the house should you feel the need. If you are taken ill or have had a fall, you can use the panic button to activate the system. This then enables the monitoring station to communicate with you in the house via your 2-way Audio . These benefits are similar to other home services that are offered to the elderly and those who require assistance remotely. However a Secure Home System has a direct link to the monitoring station, not just the panic button service. This means you have all the benefits of an automated security and fire system as well as the personal communication with the monitoring station.

Pet friendly sensors

These sensors can detect and differentiate the shape, heat and mass of pets. Where other systems cannot fully protect potential customers who have pets, a Secure Home System can be effective without excluding areas where pets roam.

Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide protection can be seamlessly implemented

Our complete security system offers our customers many additional benefits over and above the basic intruder systems. Many of our customers are choosing to add these solutions at time of consultation, or if required at a later date. Please contact your Security Advisor or head office should you require more information about expanding your security system.

Members of the public

Should contact our security advisers for advice regarding their security on our Head Office number 01902 607230 with any questions where we will be more than happy to help you.



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