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Why choose our Security Systems & CCTV?

Most people generally think that a monitored alarm system is no better than a bell-only one, but they are wrong. Monitored alarm systems offer you the reassurance that we are watching over your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By combining CCTV with your security system, you can view live and recorded footage from your smartphone, and the external cameras additionally act as a deterrent preventing you from being a would-be victim.

Whether you’re at home, at work, or on holiday, you can watch what’s happening at home and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we are protecting what is precious to you.

Secure Home Systems’ priorities
& dedication to nationwide security

Our priority is your safety

We guarantee the monitoring of your Security System at all times, giving you the best protection and helping deter would-be intruders.

Secure Home Systems’ house alarms offer a monitoring service that is linked to a UK-based monitoring station. Every time your alarm goes off, our alarm monitoring centre receives an alert. These UK-based centres are staffed around the clock, which means your alarm is never ignored, and we always respond quickly.

Once the alarm is confirmed (we filter out false alarms) we contact you and your nominated keyholders. Then we may call the guard response, ambulance, or fire service if necessary. Our alarm system gives the user several additional innovations and options. The system can be extended at any time to accommodate additional devices.

Our comprehensive CCTV packages ensure our customers can get full protection in and around their properties, reducing blind spots and the risk of being approached by would-be intruders. We have something appropriate for all property types and security requirements, our packages are available with a range of optional extras to suit everyone.

Providing complete home security solutions nationwide

We are dedicated to securing homes up and down the country. More than just a simple bell alarm system, we offer our customers and their families the benefits of a fully monitored Security System and CCTV, using advanced technology to:

  • Deter would-be intruders.
  • Protect our customers.
  • Assist with emergencies.

With many years of experience and expertise in this sector we have developed our services in consultation with our customers, staff, and the regulatory governing bodies that inspect our industry. From these consultations, we have enhanced the Secure Home service to ensure all of our customers have a quality monitored security package.

We believe that our customer’s own circumstances better represent the benefits of our service.

  • It is our obligation to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.
  • Our customer service team is ready and able to assist you.
  • Customer service is our priority.

Professional, reliable, monitored security solutions,
securing homes is what we do. Feel free to get in touch.