CCTV User Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions for Home CCTV Installations

Our security installation engineers are experts at installing CCTV systems in your home.

Everyone has the right to protect their property and CCTV is one of several measures you can take. Cameras must however be used in accordance with the 2018 Data Protection Law and recent General Data Protection Regulations.

The system must also comply with privacy laws and only used where necessary to protect a premises from crime. Cameras must be used to monitor your property and its’ boundaries and only be used by you – the householder and not a third party.

Images from the cameras or on monitors or smartphones should not be visible to anyone outside of the household and only ever shared with the police or other organisations in the event of a crime.

Rules apply to monitoring the movement of strangers outside your home and the audio recording of anyone arriving or leaving your premises. For this reason, we recommend the audio feed be disabled.

The cameras should be sited to protect your boundaries but not to oversee your neighbours and you should always inform your neighbours that you are having them installed.

Put up clear signs stating that CCTV is in operation and remember footage can only be used for the purpose of security.

Footage should be kept securely and only for as long as you need it – regulations suggest the images should be erased after 28 days unless being used in a prosecution.