Fully Connected Security

For the ultimate enhancement of Security Systems, encompassing CCTV with a 24-hour monitored alarm system is the ideal addition to a fully secure home. At Secure Home Systems, we are committed to innovating our security offering to customers in a continually changing world of advancement in technology, especially in the home. The combination of Security Systems & CCTV has many benefits, mainly preventing you from being targeted as a would-be victim.

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Benefits of a Fully Connected Security System

Personal monitoring with the apps

Our smartphone security app lets you control your security system and monitor CCTV footage wherever you are. The app allows security alarms to be enabled and disabled from the touch of a button whether you’re at home or away. Live streams and stored CCTV footage are available to view on the app, giving you the comfort of knowing exactly what is happening at home even when you’re not there. The app comes with more benefits such as viewing interior cameras and checking in on pets during the day to ensure they’re happy and comfortable.

CCTV Systems built to your requirements

We offer a wide range of security cameras and accessories within our CCTV systems, meaning our customers can build bespoke packages to suit individual property requirements. Whichever level of protection, safety, and deterrent you are looking for, our experienced team can help you choose the ideal package for you and your family.

Maximum protection & deterrent

For families that are looking for the utmost protection, having a security system combined with CCTV gives you a sufficient line of defence against crime. The two elements work hand in hand and enhance your safety, preventing you from being a targeted would-be victim. The combination of monitored alarms, CCTV cameras, and external bell boxes works as excellent deterrents to would-be intruders. Secure Home Systems’ fully connected security and CCTV packages have been repeatedly proven to protect customer’s property and families, and more importantly, save lives. We are dedicated to innovating the best ways to protect our customer’s safety which is why using CCTV in our systems is of paramount importance. We are confident that the technology is robust and is proven to handle the data.

Man guard response

In the event in which you require a response from a security professional, our security systems notify the monitoring stations once the emergency is triggered and guarantee a response by a fully trained security professional as soon as possible. Your security officer will be called out to your premises and assist as required. With a team that stretches across the UK, we can ensure you and your family are protected and supported wherever you are based.

Connected monitoring 24/7,
365 days per year

We are dedicated to our customer’s safety and protection all day every day. This is why all of our security systems are monitored 24/7, 365 days per year via our monitoring stations that offer security officers and emergency response when required. We guarantee an immediate response from our team of well-trained safety professionals to ensure you and your family are safe and will trigger the call for any external medical and fire assistance if required. Whether or not you are at home yourself in the moment of emergency, rest assured our team is monitoring and responding to any incidents that may occur.

We provide wireless medical emergency buttons that customers can wear and trigger in an emergency. Our professional team is available day and night to ensure you get the help you need as quickly as possible.

Ambulance & fire brigade call outs

Our security systems are linked directly to a monitoring station, which will notify the Fire Brigade and will trigger a response to any fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide incidents. This is a guaranteed service that is working 24/7, monitoring the risk even when alarms and intruder devices are not enabled. We are proud of this life-saving feature and comes as a standard with all Secure Home Systems’ monitored alarm systems.

To support any personal medical emergencies at home, our customers are provided with a Medical Button, which on activation, the monitoring station is alerted and your nominated keyholders are notified. This gives you the peace of mind that when an emergency strikes our trusted team will get the required help to you as soon as possible. Available 24-hours/7 days a week, this feature is a reassuring point of contact in an emergency.

Keyholder response

When our customers have one of our security systems installed, specific keyholders are nominated. If at any point an alert or alarm is activated within the system, the nominated keyholders are immediately contacted via our monitoring station. This service is available 24/7 day and night, meaning you can rest assured the people that matter most are taken care of.

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