Security Systems

Our security systems provide a high level of protection for you, your family, and your home. Our comprehensive monitored security systems and included installation and maintenance services provide much more than just a bell alarm or a self-install, set up, self-maintenance, and monitoring do-it-yourself off-the-shelf package.

The below gives an overview of some of the many benefits our systems offer, and below that, details of the devices and additional options you can choose to suit your specific needs.

Benefits to you & your family

Having a security system mitigates the threats facing your home. By choosing a Secure Home Systems’ 24-hour monitored system, we prioritise your safety and give you the peace of mind that we are always monitoring your home.
Monitored alarm systems offer several benefits to you and your family:

Increased safety

The most obvious motivation for getting an alarm system with monitoring is the enhanced protection that it offers your home. Regular monitoring means that when something happens, the system contacts the guard response who in turn contacts the police if a genuine burglary is taking place for back up on apprehending the suspect. With such assurances, you have peace of mind, especially for a homeowner living in a high crime rate area. You can keep valuables in your home without worrying too much about intrusion even when you are away.

Better response

Homeowners with monitored systems tend to enjoy better response times from emergency services. If your alarm installation does not have round-the-clock monitoring, it means that when an alarm sounds, you or the security company have to call the relevant first responders. However, a monitored system will contact the authorities directly, minimising response times.

Less stress

Self-monitoring has its advantages like being able to identify false alarms quickly. However, it also means spending time and effort keeping an eye on your domestic security, which can be quite taxing. A homeowner with a full-time job or too many roles to play in a day may not dedicate enough time for self-monitoring. A monitored security system saves you the trouble.

At Secure Home Systems, we tailor products to suit the diverse requirements of your customers. Our 24-hour alarm monitoring service ensures that your property is safe at all times. With a monitored alarm system, we guarantee that you receive the necessary assistance in emergency situations.

Secure Home Monitored Alarm System

With a long-established customer base, we can upgrade existing systems to ensure our customers are protected with the most up to date and offer alternative devices for existing and new installations. We continually check and test equipment to ensure the most suitable devices with ease of use and reliability are provided. With our expertise, experience, professional installation, and technical support along with 24/7 monitoring, you can rest assured that your system is reliable, managed, and doing its job 24/7.

The below gives an overview of the current devices that we can provide should you choose to upgrade or have a new system installed. Feel free to speak to one of our security advisors to find out how best you can be protected.

alarm control panel

medical emergency pendant

24/7 monitored carbon monoxide detector

smartphone security app

wireless remote key fobs to control security system

wireless door contact

24/7 monitored smoke detector

internal cameras for the home

passive infra-red (PIR) pet friendly sensors

wireless swipe tag

part set alarm allowing you to move safely around the house while certain areas are protected

deterrent external dummy  bell box

Enhance your Security System with CCTV

At Secure Home Systems, we understand how important a fully comprehensive security system is to protect the people and things you love. We offer our customers maximum protection by enhancing existing monitored and alarmed security systems with CCTV. As an additional deterrent, early warning, and live visual confirmation of activity, CCTV systems are a fantastic line of defence against crime.

You can rest assured your fully comprehensive system and CCTV will be there to deter would-be intruders and capture incriminating evidence if such event was to occur in or around your property.

for ultimate security around the home, add CCTV

Fully Connected Security Systems in your home
give you peace of mind day and night.