Hello, my name is Daniel Jordan and I was hit by a home invasion on the 6th September 2019.

I awoke at 0617 with 3 (could be 4) persons in my bedroom shining a torch in my face and demanding where my gold was. I was able to get hold of my medical alert fob and pressed it with the effect that the persons left and the call centre contacted me to see if I was all right on learning that I was ok but had been robbed they asked if they should call the police I (very thankfully) replied yes.

The police arrived at 0625 just missing the robbers who got away with £450 plus some male jewellery (only). The robbers left the house in a mess having sprayed “Mr Muscle” all over to kill DNA and fingerprint detection.

I have already expressed my thanks on the telephone to various contacts at Secure Home Systems but was informed by the security agent that an E-Mail of my thanks would be appreciated, well here it is many thanks to the help desk who were on that day it is much appreciated.

Yours, Daniel Jordan (now with a new security system installed today).

Daniel Jordan

After I telephoned you regarding a strange bleep coming from our system, your engineer Dean called. He replaced all the batteries, checked the whole system, and then gave my husband a lesson on how to use the system properly.

He was polite, very efficient, and extremely helpful.

Thank you for an excellent service. In fact, we intend to downsize next year and will be arranging with you to move the system to our new home.

Mrs Garnett